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Radiant Floor Heating

If you are wanting and efficient and cost-effective way to warm your home, radiant heating and in-floor heating is a great way. Living in Boise and the surrounding areas, hardwood floors and tile can get cold during the colder months and just increasing your heater doesn’t always warm up the house evenly, so many people are turning to radiant heating to provide a better balance of heat for their homes.

Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to floors or even walls and ceilings through radiant panels. Radiant heating has many advantages including being quiet, allergy free and uses little or no electricity. Radiant Floor heating comes in several types such as air-heated radiant floors, solar, electric radiant floors and hydronic.

Rob Goodson Plumbing can install radiant heating in Boise and the surrounding areas and we offer high quality service and professionalism at a reasonable rates.