What is Mold: Impact and Removal

By July 5, 2019 July 19th, 2019 Mold, Mold Removal
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You have found mold in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. Oh no! The fungus is quickly growing and so is tension as you are suddenly playing a game of ‘Who Done It?’ But regardless of how it crept in, the deed has been done and the real goal is to clear your home of mold.

It helps to know where the source of the problem stems from—whether it be a leak or another issue. However, any dark, moist environment can easily foster mold so moving forward with a plan of action is the most important next step.

Is Mold Removal the Only Option?

While mold removal is certainly important, removal cannot ensure that the fungus will not return. Because of the microscopic pores on nearly every surface, anything is subject to mold growth as well as mold regrowth. However, there are several options for solutions.

Mold cleanup, mold removal, and mold remediation are among the most popular and routine services. Depending on the depth and breadth of your mold situation, your plumber will lay out the best blueprint for success in ridding your space of the problem and keeping it safe.

What is Mold Cleanup, then?

Mold cleanup can take patience. There are several, technical steps plumbers take in order to provide the best service for their clients. Residential plumbing services are often geared toward the unique structural needs of the property so applying these techniques takes time. In the same regard, commercial mold cleanup safeguards your business property from compromising time and money in the workplace. Specific to public and commercial requirements, plumbers and other respective professionals should all abide by the updated EPA Mold Remediation publication.

And… Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation services ensure that the environment is protected and secure from other potentially harmful problems. Although, it may be a lengthier and more labor-intensive process. Remediation verifies the safety of previously infected areas because it includes mold detection, removal, cleaning, sanitization, demolition, and/or additional preventative services.

This all-inclusive offering is not provided by all plumbing businesses but commercial and residential plumbing services that know better are far more likely to suggest mold remediation over removal.

Mold can be intimidating but with the proper attention and care, it can be easily removed through professional services. Of course, we want to offer you with the best solution to keep your pockets comfortable with minimal mold removal costs.

As a dedicated servant of the Treasure Valley, we understand that plumbing needs usually come around at the most stressful times. This is why Goodson Plumbing maintains transparency through a locally-minded perspective and commitment to quality, economical services.

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